Dr Kim Johnstone

Kim Johnstone

Associate Director, Practice Lead Data Insights and Demographics

Most recently, Kim was practice lead for community insights and modelling at the NSW Data Analytics Centre, set up to enable the use of emerging data and technology to ensure best practice service delivery for the people of NSW by government.

Kim’s work has given her in-depth knowledge of population changes across Australia. She has worked for the NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure preparing population, household and dwelling projections, is a past Vice President of the Australian Population Association and currently sits on the editorial advisory board for the Australian Population Studies Journal. Her PhD research in the Northern Territory focused on Indigenous fertility, giving her insights into the complexities of population data affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Kim is well known for being able to present complex information in ways that diverse audiences can understand and showing the implications for communities. She led the Community Cabinet Women’s Forums in the Northern Territory during 2004-2006 and introduced a community outreach program on population for the NSW government in 2012.

Kim is also Vice-President of Family Planning NSW, Chair of the Family Planning NSW International Programme Advisory Committee and a member of the Family Planning NSW Ethics Committee.

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 0408 277 487

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Memberships: Australian Population Association, Urban Design Institute Australia

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