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Mastercard are pioneering City Possible, a new model of partnerships that brings together cities with partners such as the private sector to solve system-wide challenges. By codeveloping, piloting and scaling solutions, it strengthens the new triple bottom line: people, cities and businesses.


Astrolabe Group conducts an ideation workshop with Liverpool City Council as part of City Possible.

Astrolabe Group was engaged to provide strategic advice and project delivery with Liverpool City Council through City Possible. Astrolabe Group has coordinated with Mastercard, Liverpool City Council and partners to examine how we revitalise the city’s CBD night time economy to develop an active centre with a successful local economy.

Our team has taken Council through a design thinking approach to explore how partnerships through City Possible could support their needs.

Liverpool City Council wants to ensure that any growth in population is supported by a strengthening of existing commercial centres like the Liverpool central business district, attracting institutions and private sector investment to offer goods, services and improved amenity closer to new communities. Stronger centres will contribute to delivering a “30 minute city” a fundamental organising principle for the new structure of a growing Sydney, reducing inequality by promoting access and choice.

Through a series of workshops our team has help refine the challenge to be tackled – a need to revitalise the night time economy, explore the needs and opportunities of the users involved through persona mapping and begin a process of solution ideation. We are now exploring new ways to support and encourage local businesses to remain open in the evening with an initial focus around planned community events that are happening in the area.

As well as working with Liverpool City Council as a founding member of City Possible, Astrolabe Group has been providing strategic advice to further build the network across other Australian councils and partners. Five Councils have now signed MOUs to join the City Possible Network. The inaugural meeting of the network will be at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona this November.

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