Astrolabe Group are recognised experts in the planning of sustainable and resilient cities working across all tiers of government, industry, universities, not for profits and peak bodies. We provide a detailed understanding of policies, systems and changing agendas and are leaders on the strategies and conditions needed for positive and enduring outcomes.

General media enquiries can be directed to 02 9663 3654.

Contact directly for the following expertise:

Dr Kim Johnstone
Population and place analysis
61+ 408 277 487
[email protected]

Michael Comninos
Planning, infrastructure, innovation, technology, smart cities
61+ 427 469 486
[email protected]

Dr Charlie Gillon
Housing, placemaking
61 +418 277 336
[email protected]

Geof Heydon
Technology, smart cities, data governance
61+ 419 203 993
[email protected]

Belinda Comninos
Governance, women in leadership, placemaking 
61+ 433 172 766
[email protected]