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Developing infrastructure sector models

Infrastructure Australia

Project Highlights

Clearly communicating key information regarding complex infrastructure sectors and assets

Demonstrating the impact of infrastructure for communities from our fastest growing cities to our most remote regions

The bottom line

Producing highly accessible and engaging snapshots of complex infrastructure sectors, supporting Infrastructure Australia’s Infrastructure Plan

The Challenge:

The 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan is focused on identifying the actions required to deliver infrastructure for a stronger Australia and support our national recovery from the still-unfolding COVID-19 pandemic.

With a strong focus on a place-based approach to infrastructure delivery supporting sustainable and resilient communities, developing sector models demonstrating the impact of infrastructure from our fastest growing cities to our most regional areas was needed. 

What we did:

In partnership with Infrastructure Australia, Astrolabe developed 11 factsheets with visualisation of essential infrastructure sectors: transport, telecommunications, energy, water, waste and social (education; health and aged care; social housing; arts and culture; green blue and recreation spaces; and justice and emergency services).

Infrastructure sector model representing water infrastructure components.

Image: Water Sector

Infrastructure models of key components of each sector were developed, which also demonstrated differences between our fastest growing cities through to remote areas. Supporting text describes how each infrastructure sector operates and how the sector is governed, managed, and regulated.  

Infrastructure sector model representing arts and culture social infrastructure components.

Image: Arts and Culture Sector

Astrolabe’s approach was highly collaborative. A co-design process ensured engagement across the content developers of the Infrastructure Plan to ensure they play a valuable role in contextualising and understanding each infrastructure sector. 


  • 11 fact sheets and sector models to support the delivery of the Infrastructure Plan

Client testimonials:

“The Sector Models add real value and are a great jump off point for the chapters. Thank you for this important contribution.”

Cover image source: Infrastructure Australia