Bronte Hambridge

Project Consultant

Bronte brings extensive creative experience across product development and communication to explain complex ideas and processes. She has a deep knowledge of design tools including InDesign and the Adobe Creative Suite. Bronte works across our project teams to ensure clear messaging for all stakeholders is delivered in final products.

As a Project Consultant, Bronte actively contributes to our work with clients through research, engagement, and developing accessible content about complex challenges through text and visualisation.

Bronte led the research, design and testing for Astrolabe’s empathy toolkit, a series of resources developed to find deeper meaning driving projects and the people working on them.

When caught unawares, you can find Bronte furiously crocheting while listening to 90’s pop/grunge or at least trying to look like she’s crocheting when she’s really just scrolling facebook marketplace for her next DIY.