Dan Hughes

Senior Consultant

Based in the NSW Hunter region, Dan brings over ten years of public sector experience, occupying senior positions in Territory, State and local governments. Dan brings a focus on the relationship between governance, policy and project management. His work is guided by breaking down the barriers between enabling change within government and the role of community.

Over his career, Dan has delivered legislative reforms, public policy improvements, and major projects. Some highlights include:

  • supporting the implementation of the Australian Consumer Law and the harmonisation of Work Health and Safety Legislation
  • implementing improved protocols for emergency load shedding (energy) and developing a forward program for improvements to disaster resilience and response for the NSW energy sector
  • established governance arrangements for Stage 1 of Canberra’s light rail project, which was recognised by the ACT Auditor-General as ‘sound and generally accords with better practice, which positions it to meet the challenges of implementing light rail.’
  • coordination of local government, State and industry stakeholders to tackle significant project delays associated with the performance of the former Roads and Maritime Service in the Hunter region, and
  • delivering a range of local government policy and programs designed at improving council performance, inter-regional collaboration, and improved community participation through deliberative democracy practices.

When he’s not at work, you can find Dan cooking up some classic American low and slow BBQ or find him out on Lake Macquarie enjoying some family time out on the family boat.