Charlie Gillon

Dr Charlie Gillon


Charlie is a highly responsive and reflective researcher, with an intimate understanding of the relationship between people and their environments. Charlie brings expert advice for positive social, environmental and economic outcomes for cities and regions.

Some of Charlie’s project experience:

  • Development of a suite of Service Need Strategy documents for School Infrastructure NSW
  • Creating an advocacy strategy, the Positioning and Partnering Strategies for Camden Council
  • Development through research and analysis of an infrastructure needs analysis report for Cumberland City Council
  • Strategic advice on City Deals for South East Melbourne local governments

At Astrolabe Group, Charlie’s core responsibilities are strategy development, research and qualitative data collection to create meaningful analysis and insights. He also provides project support across the organisation for storytelling and visual communication, ensuring complex messages are accessible to multiple audiences.

Before joining Astrolabe Group at the end of 2019, Charlie’s professional background was in academic research and teaching. He completed his PhD in human geography in 2017 focusing on housing dynamics and cultures, and continued on to postdoctoral positions researching housing insecurity for single older women at Western Sydney University, and smart cities and local government at the University of Sydney. He also spent a semester lecturing urban planning at Western Sydney University.

Charlie is an Honorary Research Fellow, Australian Centre for Culture, Environment, Society and Space (ACCESS), University of Wollongong and his publications record can be found on Google Scholar

Charlie is a passionate Manchester United fan and is always on the lookout for good music and good coffee.