Geof Heydon

Geof Heydon


Geof is an expert consultant advising several cities on Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart cities. He provides both strategic and operational advice of telecommunication and IT infrastructure as well as architectures, policies, standards, data sharing, and the digital economy.

Representing the IoT Alliance Australia he has provided significant input to the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s office regarding the Smart Cities and Suburbs Grants award criteria, evaluation and processes.

Some project experience:

From the mid-nineties, Geof has been developing the market across Asia Pacific for broadband solutions. More recently at CSIRO as Director, Business Development for the Information Sciences Group, he led a sales and business development team commercialising CSIRO Intellectual Property.

In 2013 he was an advisor and contributor to the Federal Government’s National Digital Economy white paper. In mid-2015 Geof co-authored the report “Enabling the Internet of Things for Australia” for the Australian Communications Alliance. This then led to co-founding the industry-led IoT Alliance Australia.

Geof is a significant contributor the future of technology in place. He provides advice to the NSW State Government’s Data Sharing Task Force that is developing a data sharing framework for implementation across all levels of Government.

When Geof isn’t being digital, he is playing his guitar.