Nick Zhang

Data and Research Analyst

Nick is an urban researcher with expertise in data-driven approaches including statistical analysis, spatial/geospatial analysis, GIS database build-up, interactive visualisation and animation. He utilises cutting-edge techniques and innovative approaches to interpret the machine-readable data to human-readable data with empathy of the user’s needs. Nick’s expertise is cross-disciplinary but his passion focuses on city planning, environment and housing analytics.

Nick holds two Master’s degrees in City Analytics at the University of New South Wales and in Urbanism (Urban Design) at the University of Sydney.

Some of Nick’s previous experience include:

  • Research Assistant at the University of New South Wales, studying and analysing indoor and outdoor air quality associated with Internet of Things (IOT), and providing support to the MyAir project under the Smart Campus programme
  • Town planning consultancy experience, providing strategic and statutory planning advice and preparing the required planning reports

Since joining Astrolabe, Nick’s core responsibilities include urban data collection, cleansing, analysis, visualisation and interpretation. Nick specialises in mining insights from the perspective of data to inform urban policies and decision-making and looking at novel data assets to build a rich understanding of place.

Nick can often be seen on his virtual calls with his cat, Normy who also likes to participate in the conversation!