Amanda Watkin

Program & Partnerships Manager

Amanda is a program manager who loves to tick tasks off her list and make everyone’s life easier by streamlining processes to ensure we meet time, cost and quality outcomes. Amanda’s personable style and extensive multinational, community and senior stakeholder management experience means she integrates seamlessly with our clients and their teams and can get to work immediately.

Her experience in the Navy provides Amanda the insight into the mechanics of the public sector and how to maximise and demonstrate value for money within the government operating constraints and guidelines.

Amanda leads with a thorough and robust approach to ensure our teams are producing outcomes and meeting deadlines. Her attention to detail and meticulous planning ensures projects run on time and on budget. She works with clients to ensure that any changes to scope are articulated and met, and that we are able to respond to any risks that arise. She is always looking at how to improve the product and the process ensuring we provide more value into each project.

With a broad range of experience spanning from human resources, finance, operations, catering and hospitality, event management, logistics (including medical and aviation), her cross-disciplinary approach provides a whole-of-organisation approach and perspective mitigating unintended consequences.

She literally knows how to fight a fire and can bring clarity of the challenge to ambiguous situations and provide creative solutions with achievable step-by-step plans.

Amanda’s life is full spending time with her family including 2 young boys and 2 French bulldogs. She is often found at parks and playgrounds in the inner west of Sydney or swimming laps at the local pool in summer. Her guilty pleasures are reading self-help books and listening to podcasts.