How we help

Here at Astrolabe Group, our focus is to help clients to identify, plan and deliver solutions for sustainable, resilient and inclusive growth of our cities and regions.

In the delivery of all our services, we seek to understand and meet the needs of both clients and communities through our agile, collaborative approach.

Design and systems thinking underpins all of our work — putting people at the centre of all decision making.

Strategy and Policy

When planning for change, every decision must be informed by empathy, fed by research and data, and driven by measurable results.

  • Design and systems thinking
  • Partnering and positioning
  • Connecting across levels of government, jurisdictions and organisations


To create better outcomes we engage and collaborate with clients, stakeholders and communities, gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of their knowledge and experience.

  • Stakeholder and client engagement
  • Co-design and collaboration
  • Stakeholder management


Our insights are informed by thorough research and data analysis from start to finish.

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Population and development insights
  • Visualisation and insights delivered for diverse audiences

Enabling Innovation

In order to build sustainable and resilient cities and regions, we advance innovation and the purpose-driven use of technology and data.

  • Smart cities and technology
  • Digital transformation
  • Creative thinking and solutions

Change Management

We pride ourselves on effectively managing complex change to deliver positive impact for people and places.

  • Internationally certified quality management (ISO9001)
  • Project management
  • Systems and process mapping
  • Business case development and grant applications
  • Building capacity and capability with clients

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