Creating positive impact for people and places

Astrolabe Group specialises in change management when people, planning and infrastructure intersect.
We are a strategic consultancy anchored in collaboration and policy innovation to help you achieve outcomes in urban change and placemaking.

Who we are

and what we do

Astrolabe Group works with clients on strategy, engagement, data insights and technology to deliver positive impacts for people and places.
We seek to understand the challenges and opportunities for each client and the values driving them. Our focus is on delivering projects that generate increased investment value as well as improved liveability outcomes.
Our clients include local government, state and federal governments, peak representative bodies, the development industry and universities.
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Our expertise

Adaptable, collaborative, transparent

The Astrolabe Group team has extensive experience in:
  • Public administration
  • Strategy development
  • Data insights and demographics
  • Engagement and consultation
  • Technology and digital delivery
We place a strong focus on the intersection of policy areas to leverage maximum benefit for communities and places.
We draw on wide-ranging expertise in project management, development and assurance, and meaningful engagement with stakeholders.
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What we offer

Our services

Astrolabe Group offers a diverse range of services with a strong delivery record around placemaking, technology, urban and regional growth and change management.
Through partnerships and collaboration, Astrolabe Group helps clients  develop frameworks to improve liveability and workability.
Using a client-focused approach, Astrolabe Group will listen to your requirements, so we can deliver your needs.
Project management
Advocacy strategies
Engagement and consultation
Public policy strategies
Demographic analysis
Smart City, advice and strategy

Case studies

Some examples of our work

Improving outcomes during growth and change

The challenges facing urban and regional places

The task of planning and operating our cities is more important than ever due to rapid urbanisation coupled with a desire for sustainable and inclusive growth.
Progressive practitioners accept that we must change the way we manage our cities, looking to technology to offer solutions to city challenges while preserving the unique character of our centres.
Our expertise in demographic forecasting, urban system optimisation and development analytics allows us to work with you to plan for the delivery of urban growth infrastructure and land for housing and employment purposes.
Working across local and state governments, service providers and industry, we understand the investments that are required to make places work for people.
Our experience covers both growth and change in numerous places, at a variety of scales, from neighbourhoods and precincts through to multi-council regions.

How does data and research underpin our work?

We find the connections

We understand that data about people and place is the bedrock of evidence for better decision making and to drive actions.
On all our projects we utilise data sources to make sure we understand the communities we are working with.
We will also undertake an analysis of resources using research frameworks with clearly articulated inquiry questions to inform our work.
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Utilising engagement

User-centred design is our focus

Our approach to engagement is by putting users at the centre. We want to understand the stakeholders involved as a core foundation to the development of outcomes of any project.
We believe that by utilising meaningful engagement opportunities throughout a project lifecycle leads to better outcomes for people and places.
To understand the people you are designing solutions for, you need to uncover needs that are meaningful to them, how they behave and what they care about.
Improved and sustainable solutions are built on a solid understanding of the user: We use our engagement approach to:
  • Uncover needs
  • Guide innovation efforts
  • Bring together conversations with all stakeholders to fully explore opportunities
  • Involve users in designing solutions
design thinking - brainstorming part of the process

Smart cities are here

Position yourself for the future

We believe that a smart city is one that uses technology to deliver solutions that improve people’s lives. At Astrolabe Group we capture your community’s ambition, to deliver smart places that fit with how you want to grow.
Creating a smart city includes both digital tools and reform to governance - this approach is our specialty.
We are focused on providing tangible benefits connecting people and places and has been proven to work for numerous public and private sector clients delivering national priorities, through to state, regional, local, precinct and street level initiatives.
We collaborate with technical experts that bring the opportunity of technology to us once we are clear on the challenge to be solved and the financial and economic models to fund these initiatives.

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